Cake Pops and Cupcakes: The Difference!

We all love cakes and whenever we have the opportunity to eat any type; chocolate, fruit, etc. it is always an enjoyable experience. Apart from the usual method of serving cakes, there are others ways of presenting a cake on occasions to make the serving and eating simple and straightforward.

The most popular styles of making and serving cakes are cake pops and cupcakes. There are many reasons for making cake pops and cupcakes. Each style adds color and beauty to an occasion. Also, they will help you to serve dessert very easy and stress-free.

Even though these two desserts are all cakes, there are some differences which I want to point out clearly in this articles so that you don’t make mistakes in your choice.

Cake Pops

Cake pops are simply one of the foods you can present for dessert to impress your family members or visitors. Let’s say you are organizing children or even adult party and wants to add a little color to the food, all you need are colorful cake pops on sticks to awe everybody. If you don’t know anything cake pops that means you are not a creative kind of cook.

Cake pops are those round cake balls on sticks that look like lollipops. If you want to make a cake pop, you can create a cake batter from scratch or use an already baked cake and add little ingredients and decorations. If you want to know what a cake pop looks like, pick one lollipop and examine it then you will recognize cake pops whenever you see them.

You see, one good reason for making cake pops is to ensure that leftovers from cakes don’t go to waste. Even if your big cake is already dry, you can easily create beautiful cake pops from it instead of throwing it away. All you need to do is crumble the leftover cake with cream cheese or buttercream and mold the mixture.

You can mold the cake into any size like little balls and afterward, coat the balls with chocolate or candy to produce sweet and beautiful cake pops.

If you are organizing a children party or a family get-together, cake pops serve as a beautiful and tasty dessert which you can easily offer to your guests without stress. Just decorate the cake pops and arrange them on a cake pop stand. Everyone at the party will just come around and pick one stick without bothering with plates and forks.


Cupcakes are also another style of presenting cakes for any occasion. The cake is designed to serve one person at a time due to the size and packaging. Cupcakes appear in cups lined with foil or wax paper to ensure that it will come out easily from the cup.

Turning any cake into cupcakes is possible. Although it is not so to turn tortes and sponge cakes into cupcakes, their recipes can also work in making cupcakes after you add few things to it. Some of the cupcakes we see are produced using special molds or pans.

Just remember that anytime you decide to make those delicious cupcakes for an occasion, make sure that you know the recipe so that the batter will give you the result you want. To be safe, make a few cupcakes in a batch of six or more so that you can decide on the recipe to use for your cupcakes.

There are so many recipes for cupcakes like vanilla, chocolate, etc. to experiment and afterward, choose the one that you like.

One important thing to note about cupcakes is that they take little time to cook compared to other types of cakes because the volume is always smaller.

Cupcakes make serving cakes to children during parties a breeze. The argument about cakes sizes doesn’t come to play because the cakes are all the same size due to the cups. Also, cupcakes add beauty and respect to visitors by adding a personal touch which makes each feel like a valued guest.

So instead of looking for special plates, you can just decorate the cupcakes and serve your guests with pleasure.

Cake pops and cupcakes are all from the cake family, but there are some differences to both of them.

  1. Cake pops can be made from an already baked cake while the cupcake is made from scratch.
  2. Cake pops look like lollipops while cupcakes appear in the shape of the pan
  3. Cake pops are served on sticks while the cupcakes are served in cups
  4. Cupcakes are baked as a single serving while cake pops are not.
  5. Cakes pops are molded with hands after baking while cupcakes are baked in the customized cups.
  6. To make a cake pop, follow these simple steps:
  7. Gather your ingredients and make the batter
  8. Bake the cake in a normal cake pan
  • Allow cooling
  1. Roll the cake pop balls with your palm but make sure that you moisten your palm constantly.
  2. Dip the cake pops
  3. To make a cupcake, follow these simple steps:
  4. Gather the ingredients for the recipe you like
  5. Preheat the oven
  • Mix your ingredients to make the batter
  1. Pour the batter into the cupcake shells and bake in your oven for 20-25 minutes
  2. Spread frosting or icing on the cupcakes
  3. Serve or enjoy

In conclusion, cake pops and cupcakes are one of the best desserts anyone can think to offer in any occasion. Both adults and children like to eat cakes and to add a little style to serving cakes; you can either bake it as cupcakes or present the cake in lollipop shapes as cake pops.

One of the interesting things about cake pops and cupcakes is that you can decorate them to be beautiful and enticing after baking. Just use your favorite recipe and make delicious desserts for your friends and family in the next party and watch them having a wonderful experience.