Our Story

ourstory1As the VP of marketing for a merchandising firm, Pam Turkin traveled extensively. Around 2008 she noticed cupcake shops popping up on the coasts and wondered about bringing the concept home to the Detroit area. Turkin baked for fun, and spent the weekends experimenting and devising flavors like S’mores and Fat Elvis, using her kids as taste testers. By late 2008 she’d rented recently closed Burghardt’s Bakery in Livonia, Michigan and had placed her treats in a dozen stores. Early the next year, she quit her day job to open a retail shop, and Just Baked was born.

Just Baked is a cupcake shop and bakery with seventeen locations throughout Southeastern Michigan. Just Baked cupcakes are gourmet cupcakes baked fresh daily, using real butter, real eggs, and real milk. With over 40 different creatively indulgent flavor offerings daily, there is sure to be a flavor for everyone. Our goal is to get our delectable cupcakes in the mouths of people across the country, and allow them to enjoy the happiness of eating a just baked cupcake.